Open Heritage Day

The World Heritage housing estates cannot be visited on guided tours without prior notice. Fortunately, doors to these properties are thrown open for free on Open Heritage Day, a Europe-wide event. Due to the wide range of activities on offer, Open Heritage Day in Berlin is always held for two days on the second weekend in September. You can find details on the Internet and choose from a variety of visits and guided tours. Tours are free of charge but often require advance registration.

Some tour operators offer guided visits of the World Heritage sites all year round, either for a fee or by donation. For legal reasons, the publisher of this website cannot make any recommendations, but the relevant operators are easy to find via search engines.

On the Horseshoe and Siemenstadt estates, old shops have been converted into so-called Infostations where tourists, residents and monument enthusiasts can obtain background details of the estates. Interested parties should contact visitBerlin and the district tourist offices across the city.

These World Heritage Sites are residential areas. Architecture and history enthusiasts are respectfully asked to show consideration and avoid taking photos, using private paths or otherwise conducting themselves in any way that could disturb the privacy of the residents.