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Any building, garden, object, ensemble or structure that is representative of a certain style or era can be listed as a historical monument. It is then registered and entered into a so-called monument list. This procedure ensures that important cultural records are preserved as faithfully as possible, and that registered monuments may not simply be altered or demolished without permission. As a rule, the respective state authorities decide on the registration of an object; to ensure a precise classification, they have established several categories of monuments. How a monument and/or cultural property should be maintained and preserved is usually regulated in monument maintenance plans drawn up by experts specifically for these objects. In Berlin, the lower monument protection authorities of each district are in charge of monitoring the proper preservation of monuments.

In Berlin there are about 8,000 registered monuments, of which about one-third date from the 20th century – an unusually high percentage internationally. The highest possible status of a monument is a registration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Germany has 44 World Heritage Sites, three of which are in Berlin. This figure is also unusually high and gives Berlin, along with Rome and Mexico City, the top position in a comparison of global cities as of 2019.

To learn more

  • All Berlin monuments can be researched online in the database of the Berlin Monument Authority.
  • The second weekend in September, many Berlin monuments are opened to visitors and for guided tours during Open Heritage Day. These tours often go to places that are otherwise not open to the public.