Monument > categories

In the realm of monument protection and preservation, a distinction is made between the following categories:

• architectural monuments (e.g. the television tower on Alexanderplatz)
• ground monuments (e.g. excavations of Berlin’s first settlement at Petriplatz)
• garden monuments (e.g. the Grosser Tiergarten)
• monument ensembles (e.g. the Horseshoe Estate)
• industrial monuments (e.g. the AEG turbine hall)
• art monuments (e.g. sculptures in public spaces)
• listed interiors (e.g. interior furnishings)
• natural monuments (e.g. beech woods or raised bogs) 
• intangible cultural property (e.g. bread baking, choral singing or carnival) and
• lea monuments (e.g. areas with historical wall or path systems – mostly in rural areas).