Europa Nostra Award

The Europa Nostra Award is a rare EU heritage prize. Until 2019, the full name was European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Award, which has since been shortened to European Heritage Awards. Since 2002, the EU has been awarding prizes to outstanding examples of successful preservation and communication of architectural heritage throughout Europe.

The Europa Nostra Awards are presented in four categories:

- Conservation (preservation and conservation). Award for Taut’s Home in 2013
- Research
- Dedicated service (special commitment)
- Education, training and awareness-raising

Projects from the Horseshoe Estate have won twice. Taut’s Home, which acts as a rentable museum and holiday home, received one of the rare prizes in the first category. The monument information platform received an honourable mention in the fourth category. Since 2019 the award is also referred to as the "European Heritage Award".

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