Fritz Reuter (1810–1874 · author / eponym)

Reuter's name appears on streets in the Large Housing Estate Britz, part of which is known as Fritz-Reuter-Stadt. This area includes the Horseshoe Estate and the neighbouring Krugpfuhl Estate. Reuter was one of Germany’s most popular poets and novelists. Born in Stavenhagen in 1810, he wrote in Low German dialect. Throughout his life, this critical free spirit sought out “ordinary” people and made them the protagonists of his works. Many of these figures – such as Onkel (Uncle) Bräsig, Jochen Nüssler and his daughters Lining and Mining – have streets named after them today. The street Lowise-Reuter-Ring is named after Reuter’s wife Luise, while Onkel-Herse-Strasse refers to a teacher from Reuter’s schooldays. Street names containing Parchim, Stavenhagen, Gielow and Talberg all relate to particular stations in Reuter’s life. The street name Dörchläuchting is Low German dialect for "Your Highness" and cites a character in a Reuter novel. "Hüsing" describes the social norms of the estate, namely the right of domicile granted by feudal lords to small farmers. In Low German, Hüsing generally means “domestic security”.