Erich Mühsam (1878–1934 · publisher / tenant)

Brought up in a middle-class Jewish family, Mühsam was a renowned anarchist, author and publisher. Shortly before his exams at secondary school, he was expelled for “social democratic activities” and worked as an author and satirist. After a few years travelling around Germany, he moved to Munich and founded several anarchist groups. Among other publications, Mühsam wrote for the satirical magazine Simplicissimus and became a pivotal figure in the declaration of Munich's short-lived Soviet Republic, earning him a 15-year prison sentence. After his early release he moved with his wife, Zenzi, to 48 Dörchläuchtingstrasse in Berlin's Horseshoe Estate, where he published the journal Fanal. Mühsam kept in touch with his friend and political journalist Rudolf Rocker, who lived just a few streets away. After the National Socialists seized power, Mühsam was arrested in the Horseshoe Estate in 1933. A year later he was hanged in Oranienburg concentration camp, the SS claiming it was suicide.